Hey, welcome to Ironclad Finances! We just wanted to introduce ourselves on our very first blog post.

Ironclad Finances is made up of two (amateur) bloggers who have many years of experience working in the financial services industry. We’re a father/daughter team, and while still inexperienced at blogging, it was a mutual decision to enter this new world (to us) where we hope to be able to share our knowledge to help as many people as we can better themselves financially.

Keith is the one with the most experience. He has several certifications in the industry, including a CFP™, and has the technical knowledge we hope to share with readers. Dawn has a degree in economics and has learned a lot in her years in the business, and she’s still learning (from the best!). She is the writing half of the team.

We’re located in Michigan in a small city called Northville where we own a personal financial planning firm.

We’ll be posting to Ironclad Finance every Monday, and next week we’ll start with some financial basics.

Please contact us with any comments, questions, or suggestions to make our blog better. Also, let us know if there is a specific financial topic you’d like to see us write about. We’d love to hear from you!