The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko is an older book, published in 1996. Even so, it has great insight into the financial lives of many American millionaires. What the book describes may surprise people about how the “average” millionaire behaves.


The Millionaire Next Door describes some of the details of the lives of millionaires, from economic background and careers to what kind of cars they drive and how they buy them. The book compares actual millionaires to non-millionaires who often live the high consumption lifestyle some might expect millionaires to live. It also talks about how much time millionaires spend working on their finances, which illustrates that being financially successful requires work.


While we wouldn’t say The Millionaire Next Door is very exciting (we’ve been told by others that it can be hard to get through), it definitely contains valuable information about how successful people got to be where they are, ideas that you could do well implementing in your own life.