For anyone who hasn’t read a Dummies book, you’re missing out. The series can be a great resource for information on many different topics. Personal Finance For Dummies by Eric Tyson is a great example of one Dummies book that really delivers.


This book covers a big spectrum of different financial topics from spending/saving, debt, taxes, insurance, investments, goals, etc. If you’re looking to learn more about personal finance and what you should be doing in your financial life, this book is the place to start.


Personal Finance For Dummies is heavy on information—it looks more like a textbook than a novel, and its current edition (6th) totals almost 500 pages. Not every section may be relevant to your life, so if you don’t feel a particular section applies, there is nothing to say you can’t skip it. It can help you build a great foundation as you get into more complex issues of financial planning. And while you’re at it, check out what other topics the Dummies series has to offer. With the selection the series has available, chances are you’ll find something to interest you.