Last summer on The Simple Dollar, Trent Hamm wrote the post “I Can’t Find a Job in This Economy!” We just came across this post again last week, and we wanted to touch on some of the ideas mentioned and add a few of our own.

Being unemployed is disheartening in the best of times. If you are heading into 2011 without a job, the New Year may not look as bright as it should to you. But in a down economy where the national unemployment rate is high and millions of people out of work, the situation may seem hopeless, especially if you have been out of work for some time.

From The Simple Dollar, we think the following ideas are important to think about:

treat your unemployment like it’s a job and spend at least forty hours a week specifically looking for work.”

“No job is ‘beneath you.’”

You need to look for jobs outside of your local area and accept that you may need to move to find work.”

If you are unemployed, searching for a new job should be your temporary “career.” Spend all the time and energy on searching for a new job that you would working that new job (once you find it). It won’t be easy, and it certainly can be disheartening, but eventually it will pay off. And until it does, you’ll feel better about the time you spent unemployed because it won’t have been wasted.

When you have kids to care for, bills to pay, and a house to keep, feeling that no job is beneath you may be easier to swallow than if you’re young, single, and living with you’re parents. If your situation is desperate, or if you don’t want to see it get any worse, look for work any where. There are jobs available, and while it may not be ideal, it will be a job that pays. Though it shouldn’t stop you from looking for a better fit, but in the meantime, it can help float you and your family.

Moving to a different area is another idea that many find hard to swallow. But it should be kept as an option, even if it is a last resort. However, don’t limit your search. You may find a great opportunity elsewhere that would make a move a possibility, and you would have missed out on if you were only searching locally.

Hopefully your hard work to find a new job will pay off in 2011!