Unlike last month’s book recommendation All Your Worth, Retire Secure! Pay Taxes Later by James Lange is not an easy read. It’s not particularly exciting and it’s filled with complex strategies on investment and estate planning. For this reason, we certainly wouldn’t recommend it for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that Retire Secure! isn’t worth reading. In fact, it’s an excellent resource for anyone planning for retirement and those concerned with the best way to leave their estate to their heirs.


The first part of the book deals with “The Accumulation Years: The Best Way to Save for Retirement.” This section goes into detail about the different types of retirement plans and uses a number of case studies to help show what may be right for your situation.


The next part of the book is about “The Distribution Years: Spend the Right Funds First and Other Critical Decisions You Face in Retirement.” We think this is the most important section of the book. It deals with your retirement income, and goes into detail about what asset should be used for income first, and what you should and shouldn’t do in your situation once you reach retirement.


The third part, “Estate Planning: It Is Never Too Early to Start,” goes into a number of different estate planning methods. This topic is probably the most complex in the book, but it is useful for ideas on what may be the best estate planning strategy for you. Taxes are also discussed in detail, and ways to lessen your tax liability and the tax liability of your heirs.


If you are serious about your retirement planning, and don’t mind some dry, but very informational reading, check out Retire Secure! Pay Taxes Later by James Lange. It most likely has some strategies that you have never considered before that would be useful in your own life.