As you know, we just went on a family vacation to Disney World. We travelled as a group of 8 people, 6 adults and 2 kids. And we thought we’d use our experience to give you some tips on how best to travel as a family.

  • Plan ahead – We know some people are planners while vacationing, and others would rather take it as it comes. It shouldn’t be a surprise that we’re planners. However, even if you aren’t, the more people you are travelling with, the more important planning becomes. Make sure everyone has an input on what they’d like to do and see. This will help eliminate wasted time and money while vacationing because you will already know what everyone wants to do ahead of time.
  • Save ahead – Estimate any potential expense you will have for your family vacation, plus extra, especially if you’re travelling with a larger group. Then, once you decide on your potential budget, save everything up before you go, or even before you book anything if you want to be completely safe. It’s too easy to plan and book a big vacation using credit to cover any short fall. Even if your intention is to pay if off right away, it can be dangerous territory. Also, if you go on the trip knowing that you still owe on it, your vacation won’t be as enjoyable.
  • Pay ahead – If possible, prepay for what you can (transportation, hotels, etc). Prepayment gives your vacation budget a better chance at being followed because it reduces some of the risk of unexpected expenses. Also, since food is such a major expense, if you happen to be going on a vacation to a place that allows you to prepay for food (like Disney or a cruise), look into taking advantage of the option.
  • Be flexible – We know we just told you to plan ahead, but that doesn’t preclude being flexible. When travelling with a group, there will be things that someone else wants to do that you won’t (especially when kids are involved). Just go along with it. You may not want to do it, but your overall vacation will be much more enjoyable because you won’t be at odds with other family members. There is probably something you want to do that the others don’t, so hopefully they will be flexible as well!

If you’re currently planning a family vacation or thinking about it, hopefully these ideas will give you a head start!