When digital cameras first started becoming popular, the idea of not having to wait to see your photos was great. No more gathering rolls of 24 or 36 prints to take them in for processing only to find out that half of them are too blurry or too dark. But while digital cameras are useful for instantaneous review, maybe they’re too convenient and make getting those photos printed up more of a chore.

We know there are many options for what to do with digital photos. There are digital photo frames or you can just keep them on your computer for viewing. You can take them to a store to print up, which can get costly (sometimes 29¢ a print). You can print them yourself at home, but when you buy all the supplies and a printer with high enough quality for the job, will be just as costly if not more so.

Our favorite option is ordering prints online. The process is easy and convenient, the cost is reasonable, and there are many great options. There are a lot of different websites, but our favorite is www.snapfish.com. We’ve used this site for years, and it’s great. Uploading pictures is easy, and you get free online storage for photos so you don’t have to worry about losing them. 4×6 prints are only 9¢ apiece. While you do have to pay for shipping, there is usually some sort of deal going on that will usually knock some cost off your order (anything from free prints, to 50% off certain orders, to free shipping).

Another reason these types of sites are great are the options. You can make all sorts of different items with your photos, which can be great for gifts. Our favorites are the photo books; we’ve had great experience making and giving gifts with these. Also, if you have old photos and a scanner, you can make a photo book with all your old favorites. This is a little more work intensive but worth it, we know from experience!

So check it out. Some other sites that may be worth looking into are www.kodakgallery.com, www.shutterfly.com, and www.ritzpix.com (we’ve never used these sites, but they are all similar). There are many more as well, and we’re sure you can find one you like, that will likely save you some money in the long run and help you print your pictures!