Here is July’s review of blog posts. This will be our last post for a couple of weeks. I (Dawn) will be going on vacation, so our regular Monday morning post will resume on Monday, August 8th.

Get Rich SlowlyEvery Purchase Is a Trade Off – Understand that if you buy something, you can’t spend that money on something else.

Good Financial CentsWhen is Bankruptcy Acceptable? – Bankruptcy may be the best option for some people.

The Simple DollarTen Things College Graduates Need to Know About Finances and Careers  – Making the right decisions early in our career can make a big difference later in life.

The Simple Dollar A Guide to Selling Unwanted Items – Make some money by selling your unwanted items the right way.

The Simple Dollar Side Businesses for Stay-At-Home Parents – Some ideas on how to still make money while staying at home with your kids.

Wise Bread Repair the Car or Spend the Cash – When you receive money for repairing a car from the insurance company, how do you use it?

Please let us know if you have a favorite financial blog that you think we should be reading.