This weekend over at The Simple Dollar, there was a post by Trent Hamm called “Don’t Just Know, Do.” The idea of this post is that it really doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have unless you take action. Gathering great ideas will never help you unless you do something about those ideas.

If you’ve been reading Ironclad Finances, you know our goal is to provide ideas to readers about personal finance. Sometimes we write about our own knowledge, coming from our experience working in financial planning. Other times we pass on knowledge from others. Have you found any ideas that you think useful? We hope so. Have you implemented any of those ideas in your own life?

As our disclaimer says, you have to use your own judgment as to whether any idea you find here is right for your own life. But we hope that if you have found something useful, you don’t just think about it, you act on that idea. Even if it doesn’t end up helping you in the long run, at least you tried and you can stop thinking about it.

From The Simple Dollar:

Changing your life comes from action, not from just thinking about it. You might know exactly what you need to do. You might even think of those actions as common sense. Still, if you’re not actually doing those things, nothing is ever going to really change in your life.