Here is August’s review of blog posts.  Next week our post will be on Tuesday. We hope everyone has a good Labor Day weekend!


Get Rich Slowly10 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill – Short of purchasing all new energy efficient appliances and air conditioner, here are some easy and cheap (or free) ways of saving some money on  your electric bill.


Get Rich SlowlyThe Mighty Power of the Lowly Coin Jar (or, How I Saved $723 in Seven Months Without Effort) – Using a coin jar is a great idea, especially when you use cash on all your “Wants.” Don’t underestimate how easy and effective saving your change can be!


Good Financial CentsWhat Happens When Your 401K Sucks? – Unfortunately not all companies provide good 401(K)s for their employees. What should you do if you work for one of those companies?


The Simple DollarBalancing Giving and Saving  – Charitable giving and personal savings need not be mutually exclusive.


The Simple Dollar False Labeling (for Frugality’s Sake) – Would you rather fill up and empty name brand bottle with the generic product so that your guests won’t know you didn’t buy the name brand?


Please let us know if you have a favorite financial blog that you think we should be reading.