We’re sorry we missed last Wednesday’s scheduled book review! Things were a little hectic last week for us, and we just couldn’t put the time in that was needed to make a post.

So, we’re doing our book recommendation today instead. The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach had such great ideas that we wanted to write about them in some more detail over the next few weeks.

Although the title makes it sound like it might be a “get rich quick” type book, it’s actually the opposite. David Bach puts forth a plan on how you can become a millionaire over the course of your working career without needing to make six figures or spending large amounts of time and energy on your finances. He claims that anyone can become a millionaire with the right lifestyle adjustments and by making your finances automatic.

Being “automatic” means that you don’t have to think or do anything for it to happen. Also, if it’s automatic, you won’t have a chance to come up with excuses as to why you can’t afford it. So, automatically having your 401(K) funded out of your paycheck is an example of this. If you had to remember to do something every two weeks for this to happen, would you? Likely not, most people don’t have the discipline to handle their finances like that.

That’s where The Automatic Millionaire comes in. Bach outlines some steps you can take to become an “automatic millionaire.” We will be outlining some of our favorite ideas in the weeks to come.

Like with most books, we don’t agree with everything outlined. However, we think that The Automatic Millionaire is worth reading, especially if you still have a number of working years ahead of you.