We’re sorry we missed last week’s post! There was an unexpected bout of the stomach flu.


Here is January’s review of blog posts.  We hope you find something you enjoy!


Get Rich SlowlyDon’t Forget Regret – Use It Instead – Everyone makes decisions they regret, some more than others. If you regret or feel guilty about a financial decision you’ve made, instead of trying to forget it, learn from it and make changes in the future to avoid repeating it.


Get Rich SlowlyStealth Savings: Sneaky Ways to Fatten Your Account – If you have trouble saving, whatever the reason, find some “sneaky ways” to help you put money aside.


The Simple Dollar Changing Dreams – Your financial goals and dreams can change as time passes. Make sure you prepare yourself for handling those different dreams as they change.


WiseBread How to Go on a Financial Detox – A rich life often has little to do with the amount of money you have.


Please let us know if you have a favorite financial blog that you think we should be reading.