Here is April’s review of blog posts. We hope you find something you enjoy!


Get Rich SlowlyJust One Thing: A Simple Way to Make Changes to Your Life – Changing your life doesn’t have to include a major overhaul. Just do one small thing a day different, and the change will come naturally over time.


Get Rich SlowlyThe Costs and Benefits of the Family Dog – Owning a pet can be a major cost. Don’t rush into it without considering all the potential expenses and commitments, especially if you’ve never owned a pet before


Get Rich SlowlyBe a Budget Traveler…in Your Own Town – Even if you think you’ve seen and done everything your hometown has to offer, you’ve probably missed something.


The Simple Dollar How We Plan for a Summer Vacation – Family vacations can be very stressful if not planned correctly beforehand.


Wise Bread 7 Money Moves to Make When You Get a New Job – If you’ve recently moved to a new job or will soon, here are some tips to make help ensure the move a is financial success for you.


Wise Bread 8 Great, Cheap Summer Vacations – Another vacation planning post. It’s that time of the year!


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