Yesterday, over at Get Rich Slowly, there was a post by Donna Freedman entitled “Straying Off the Path or Changing Direction.” Essentially, Donna’s message is this: “Bad stuff happens, often to good people […] Pay attention to these lessons because there’s no guarantee that hard luck will stay gone.”


When something in your life goes wrong, or simply doesn’t go the way you thought it would (or should), don’t waste your time dwelling on “what ifs” and the past. That’s maybe not so easy, but you likely already know what went wrong. Maybe you did something to put yourself in a bad position, or maybe what happened was in no way your fault. Whatever the case, instead of thinking about what should have been, think about how you can fix the problem if needed and learn from your experiences.


Moving forward with your life when you are still dealing with your tough situation isn’t going to be easy. But it will be a far better future for you and your family if you do. Think about all the good things you still have going in your life (because even if you feel your situation is hopeless, there are always still good things). Dwell on the positives while trying to move forward instead of the negatives.



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