Earlier this week over at Get Rich Slowly, there was a post by Donna Freedman called “Can’t Get a Job? Get a Microjob!” Donna talks about how to find work online, anything from a “microjob,” like making and posting a video on YouTube for someone for $5, to a long term position as a virtual assistant.


The post offer many recommendations on how to be successful with this type of work. Whether you are interested in making a few extra dollars in your free time, need something to supplement income due to loss of job or income, or want to find a way to make money working out of your home, it may be worth your time to check out this post and the sites it recommends.


And don’t think that your skills wouldn’t work for these type of jobs. While we haven’t actually used the sites ourselves, we did check out the types of jobs available. So, you don’t want to be a virtual assistant? Complete a couple of online surveys for $20 or help someone plan their honeymoon. There are so many possibilities, it’s likely you’ll find something to do!


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