Here is July’s review of blog posts. We hope you find something you enjoy! (kind of a sparse month—we’re looking for new blogs to follow!)


Get Rich SlowlyHow Much Is Your Time Worth? – Take a look at what you’re spending by equating your time with money spent.


Get Rich SlowlySeize the Summer – Find something fun and relaxing to do this summer.


Get Rich SlowlyGetting Rich Slowly vs. Taking Financial Risks – If you feel like you might be ready for taking a financial risk, be very sure about it, and don’t jump in without considering all the ins and outs.


Please let us know if you have a favorite financial blog that you think we should be reading.



  • Disclaimer: The information on this blog is not meant for specific financial advice. The ideas/opinions stated are not suited for everyone, and readers should use their own judgment in applying them in their financial lives.