Here is August’s review of blog posts. We spent some time this month searching for some new blogs to follow and found quite a few. However, one in particular had some great content (We’re sure you can tell which one!). Most of the authors of these posts write for other blogs as well. We hope you find something you enjoy!


U.S. News Money5 Reasons to Delay Collecting Social Security – If you can manage, it’s best to delay taking your Social Security Benefits.


 U.S. News MoneyThe Case of On-Again, Off-Again Retirement – A good follow up to our post last week. Retirement doesn’t have to mean never working again.


 U.S. News MoneyThe Biggest Retirement Challenges for Women – Women may face more difficulties in retirement than men do. It’s important to consider these possibilities.


U.S. News MoneyEarly Retirement Will Impact Your Social Security Benefit – Social Security is an important part of retirement income people often undervalue. Be sure to consider what early retirement might do to your future benefit.


U.S. News MoneyQuestions to Ponder Once You Have Enough Money to Retire – When you reach the stage where you feel financial comfortable enough to retire, ask yourself these questions before taking that step.


Please let us know if you have a favorite financial blog that you think we should be reading.



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