Here is November’s review of blog posts. We hope you find something you enjoy!

Get Rich SlowlyThe really, really, really long-term view…and when you’ll die – Not knowing how long you are going to live can cause you problems when planning on how much money you’ll need to retire.

Good Financial CentsWhat is the Average Retirement Age? – The average retirement age is on the rise, and for good reason.

Good Financial Cents3 Tips for Baby Boomers Preparing for the Long Term – When you look at the long term, don’t forget to consider the cost of the care you might need in the future.

U.S. News MoneyGet-Out-of-Debt Resolutions for 2013 – Getting out of debt is a great financial New Year’s Resolution to set for yourself.

U.S. News Money Year End Retirement Planning Tips – December 31st is the deadline for some important retirement planning decisions.

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