As 2013 gets underway, you may be questioning how you’re going to cut back on expenses. Reviewing your budget and looking for ways to save money is a great way to start off the new year. Not only does it force you to take a good look at how you have been spending money, but it can help you to make some decisions on what’s important for the coming year.

What if you have your budget in place and still feel like your expenses are too high, but can’t see where the problem is? This is very common, especially for younger people who often times have lower income and less wiggle room in their budget.

Last week, Jeff Rose over at Good Financial Cents had a great post, “70 Super Easy and Practical Ways to Save Money.” Nothing on this list is too dramatic, but if implemented correctly, everything with help you to save money. Not a lot of money in many cases, maybe only a few dollars here and there, but some of these ideas can actually help you cut a pretty big chunk out of your expenses

Obviously this list is not universal (not everyone can bike to work), but even if you only implement a handful of the ideas, you could potentially save yourself some money. But don’t give up! Many of these ideas need long term commitments, especially those that only save you a small amount every month. If you make the decision to implement, commit to it for 2013, and this time next year when you are reviewing your budget, hopefully you’ll see the difference.


  • Disclaimer: The information on this blog is not meant for specific financial advice. The ideas/opinions stated are not suited for everyone, and readers should use their own judgment in applying them in their financial lives.