We have one more post in our What Color is Your Parachute? For Retirement series. However, we wanted to take a quick break to do our monthly review of blog posts. We hope you find something you enjoy!

Get Rich SlowlyTalk about money: The key to financial literacy – If you have concerns about your finances, don’t be afraid to talk about them with someone else. You may find good advice/support that you wouldn’t have by keeping it to yourself.

U.S. News Money4 Financial Tips for the Sandwich Generation – Finances may be much more difficult to manage if you are in the sandwich generation. These four tips can help you alleviate some of that difficulty.

U.S. News MoneyDon’t Squander Your Retirement – Whether you want to or not, chances are good that you will retire one day. Don’t fall into the trap of an unplanned retirement, because your lifestyle will definitely suffer for it.

U.S. News MoneyWhat Are Your Real Retirement Costs? – Retirement expenses include much more than your basic living expenses. When planning your need income, don’t forget about these important retirement costs.

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